“Just Start”

What’s going down T-Town, it’s Evan! Ok, so last year I had a plan to begin blogging here and there just to keep everyone up to speed on what we’re up to, really cool videos and ideas we’re working on, and just a way to push some interesting, thought-provoking content out. But y’all I’m not lying. Last year was crazier than we expected! From having the opportunity to produce the official videos for many of the major festival here in Tulsa, teaming up with The Oklahoma City Thunder as liaisons, partnering with non-profits, networking with awesome individuals in the community, providing a platform for local artists, and doing our best to link our fellow Tulsans to all of the awesome activities in the city, it was just kinda easier to blame it on a busy year, ya know? And just to be “100” with you guys, (For those not hip on the lingo these days, urban dictionary defines”100″ as keeping it real 😉 I’ve been nervous about blogging. I have these mental conversations and seem to always interrogate myself into fear of moving forward with it. Y’all know what I’m talking about??  The interrogation process goes something like this:

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Interrogator: “Lol are you even a good writer?”

Me: “Umm I think I am, I mean I’ve enjoyed writing since I was young and I think I relate to people pretty well. I’m not the best but I….

Interrogator: “What’s so unique about what you’re writing about? You’re no Buzzfeed, bro”

Me: “I guess it will be unique because I’m unique with a unique experience. And I mean Buzzfeeds’ writers probably didn’t start out the best, right? Maybe they had a learning curve and now…..

Interrogator: “You know they’re going to destroy you in memes if you suck, right?

Me: “I mean that’s a lil harsh don’t you think? Wait… you think they’d play me like that??

Fear sets in, Confidence destroyed, smh..

 While this year will be just as, if not, even more hectic, and I will undoubtedly continue to have those mental conversations with myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is never a perfect time to vanquish your fears and create something new. So, in 2016, I have made it a personal goal of mine to Just Start. And for me, part of the starting phase is to first, cultivate a spirit of discipline. To everyday, prioritize my time and focus my energy on completing even just a small portion of my goals until I’ve finally “Eaten the Elephant.” And look, before all you millennials get to crying about long blogs and even shorter attention spans, chilllllll! Some of yall’s Snapchat stories will be longer than my blogs! (You know who you are!)

It is my hope and belief though, that through our videos that promote the city and this new frontier of blogging I’m doing, you’ll feel more connected to our vision of building community and reflecting culture here in Tulsa.  IMG_20151113_162742

To all of our friends and family who have supported us three crazy kids, and to all of our mentors who have helped us navigate our way through this wild world of business and entrepreneurship thus far, we say thank you!! What’s Happening Tulsa would not be what it is today without your occasional kick in the butt, or pat on the back. So cheers to the city we love. We’re just getting started.

-Evan G.

“What’s Happening Tulsa”


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